Well, I never thought I’d be writing something like this, nut years in the office and my own bad habits brought me here. So what are we going to do? Like any other problem that I have, I’m going to put my mind to it and fix it.

This is day one of my Turbo Takeoff Week. I know it’s going to be rough later, but on day one all I feel is excitement. I’ve been doing pretty good the last couple of years. I’m down forty pounds, and my fitness level is getting better, but something needed to change. Somewhere along the journey, I’d grown complacent. Not happy or satisfied, but merely complacent with my effort. This is the chance to shake things up a bit and to relearn correct portion sizes. If you stick to the plan, you have to lose weight even if you never took a single step the reduced caloric intake alone would do it. So we’re going to see how it goes.

So why Nutrisystem? Mostly because it looked easy (It’s pretty easy, but you do have to shop outside of what they send you). It’s not exactly cost friendly, but I think it will be worth it.

So my first box arrived, and whoa it’s a lot of food. Until you realize that’s almost everything you get to eat for a month. I say almost everything because you need to add four servings of vegetables a day, and later on, you have to provide one or two snacks based on your plan and if your man or a woman. Also, some of the food doesn’t come with everything you need. The burger is just a patty, and the meatballs also let you add a roll. Some of the breakfasts also require milk, and the bagels don’t come with cream cheese. Just some things to think about and that I might modify for my next order. For me the whole point is to make so easy it’s brainless and walking through a supermarket full of temptations doesn’t seem like the best way to get started.

My first thought when I got the box was it’s big, then I opened it and was like OMG is that really all I eat for dinner.

The next image darting through my head is some poor guy plowing through the whole box of food in a week. It’s kind of dangerous to send a months worth of food to someone that’s overweight. That being said my unboxing went well. I prepped the cabinet for all of the food the day before so I had space to keep everything sorted. I went through my box and was missing one dinner, and I didn’t receive the free cookies from the promotion. Seems weird to send people on a diet free cookies anyways, but you can make a lot of money marketing food to people that want to eat, especially weight loss food.

Getting the missing dinner replaced was easy and not so easy. I contacted customer service via chat (thanks for offering chat), and the meal was replaced as well as the cookies kind of. I ended up getting the meal 3 different kinds of bars and two cookies. Not sure exactly how that transpired when I just asked them for the free cookies from the promotion but hey some of those bars are probably better. It also took about twenty-five minutes. My chat person was either working on multiple chats or was really slow. After I told him what I need the response I received after ten minutes was “Agent (Jack): “Thank you for your patience. Would you like me to submit request to send you the missing meals again?”.” I didn’t contact you about the missing items just for fun. Still, I was just working on other things the whole time so it wasn’t a big deal, just something that could have been resolved right away.

My wife also didn’t get the cookies from the promotion in her box. Although her customer experience was worse than mine. Her chat person told them they put them in as individual cookies and to check the box again. If they weren’t there to call customer service. Ah, hello? She’s talking to customer service right now. I checked the invoice vs. what comes with the plan and what she received, and it didn’t add up. She sent an email out to get it fixed, and I hope Nutrisystem makes it right. 2/2 on missing the free items from the promotion, I wonder how many other people this happens to.

My recommendation, always check the contents of the box. The last thing you want to do is find out you’re missing a dinner with a week left to go and it can take up to 14 days to get a replacement (or ten business days as their email said).

Now let’s get to the fun stuff. Your entire first week comes in a separate box. All you have to do for week one is add veggies, and you can eat as many as you want as long as they are on the list. Just get ready for a shock when you see how much food it is. I think for my first week I’m going to be under 1100 calories a day, with veggies. Bring on the Hungrowls.

During Turbo Takeoff Week you get one breakfast lunch and dinner item, as well as a shake and a bar. Plus you have to add in your veggies and 64oz of water daily. I mentioned it above, but for me, it’s going to be about 1100 calories a day. It will be a system shock, but that’s what I needed.

So where am I starting 302.2. Nutrisystem says on their website lose up to thirteen pounds and seven inches in your first month. That sounds good almost too good, so I clicked on the disclaimer thing. It’s seven inches in total body circumference. Although the numbers do show that people lost between 11-13 pounds and 2-3 inches on their waist. That’s not bad for a month of work.

For our last hurrah, we had Dominos the other night. So my starting weight should probably be around a pound higher, but I’m just reporting whats on the scale. That’s the plan for the whole month. I want to be as honest as I can about the numbers. One of the things I found when researching Nutrisystem is that most of the blogs and articles are from people that were given the product for free or are paid advertisements. I’m not going to link any of that crap here, if you want to try Nutrisystem after reading these then you can just type it into the browser. I paid full price for my items, and I plan on reviewing them without biased and shaded in the anger that will be my hunger after eating a thousand calories a day for a week.

I’ll share my thoughts with you again as day two starts. We’ll see just how hungry I am, and what game I’m going to take it out on then. For now, I’m going to indulge in the breakfast of champions. (it was actually pretty damn good)