I know most of you have probably or seen this movie and made your own decision about how good it was or wasn’t but I saw it for the first time last weekend and wanted to share some of my thoughts. To start with I’ve never seen the theatrical version, we bought the extended cut which was rated R. I’m not sure if they just had a bad day when they submitted the movie for ratings but nothing in it scream R to me.

Things I liked.
1. Batman was a little rough. I digged it. I was always on the fence of the Batman never killing anyone thing. Sure he would prefer to have criminals locked up, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Not to mention he throws razor sharp things at people and tends to beat them into blood pulps, it’s not a stretch that few of them would die. That would better explain his vigilante status with the police.

2, The idea behind the story. It’s been done in comic books sure, but I don’t read those. DC also had a really cool trailer for their game where Batman and superman kind of got into it. Video You notice the spear Batman used in the movie sure looks like Lex had it here.

3. The action scenes were pretty legit.

Things I didn’t like
1. The totally lack of any real emotion in the movie. You only felt the love between Superman and Lois Once. Batman seemed to be angry all the time as if it was his perpetual state of being. Sure the bat is supposed to be surly, but maybe not like this. Don’t get me started on Lex, he came off as cold and insane and that laugh…… Lex was always brilliant, but never really insane, more like morally ambiguous. The movie lost me when I felt no real emotional connection to nay of the characters. It’s tough to sit through three hours and not care if any of the main characters die…Oh, Jimmy Olsen you card.

2. The ending. It was ok, but a little drawn out and not really needed. Plus see above, I could care less that Superman bit the big one. He was like watching a block of ice for emotions. It was sad really that I felt so little for that moment of the movie, maybe it says something about me but I’d prefer to think it was lackluster writing.

So it was a decent watch, the only thing that killed it for me was the lack of any kind of emotional development of entanglement of the main characters. Even in Spider-Man 2 you felt the emotion pull off his relationship, even though the movie was only ok. The internal struggle is kind of what makes or breaks superheroes. Want to see it done well in a totally behind the scenes way check out Deadpool. It’s a love story, really it is. “You gotta ride a bitches back like Yoda on Luke.” See what I mean, LOVE.

If you haven’t checked out Batman vs Superman it’s worth the watch, but don’t get too excited about it. As always we buy all of our movies Digital on Amazon. you can find Batman vs Superman here..