Genetic Purge is off for edits. Phewwwwwww. It took me a little longer to finish this one than I would have liked but it’s a darn good story and I think you are really going to like it. I’m expecting to have it out within the next two weeks.

Today I started a story that will be a part of the Launch for Lindsay Buroker’s Fallen Empire Kindle World. As much as I’d like to move right into writing book three of the Galactic Outlaws this is something I committed to back in December and have to follow through with it. Lindsay has been a huge inspiration in my writing career, She probably doesn’t know it but listening to her podcast is what gave me the guts to try and do this full time. I’ve found something in writing that is a way of life for me, something about it just hits that creative spark I could never fulfill in corporate America. So that being said I’m going to finish this dang book and on time to. The good news for you readers is that Genetic Purge took me long enough to finish I’m going to be in all out frenzy to get this book done in time, which means book three in the Galactic Outlaws series isn’t far off.

What is Kindle World’s, well it’s kind of like fan fiction you get paid for. Lindsay did the hard work by creating the world and the brand and now it’s up to me to write a story in her world that does it justice. Right now my plan is to just do the one title. I have no idea if it will sell enough copies to make it a viable income stream. The books aren’t available in Kindle Unlimited so you have to purchase them. I’m thinking of it as a marketing effort, mixed with a little bit of getting to do something for one of my idols in the business. I hope it does well but frankly, I have no idea. If for some reason it does succeed I’ll add two more books to the story making it a trilogy, but not until I get book six out in the Galactic Outlaws.

I also have a secret co-author project in the works that will probably get started on this summer. I’m really excited about it but it’s just too darn early to share any real details yet.

So that’s what is in store for the immediate future. I’ll be dropping by to give out more updates as my schedule gets a little bit firmer.