So over the weekend after a long dirty battle finishing up my latest book Ascendancy Demon Stone, I sat down to watch another scary movie. I know big surprise right. Well, I’ll just say that I had kind of high hopes for this film and why it wasn’ everything I desired it was still pretty good.

Green Room is the story of a struggling punk rock metal band that finds themselves without a solid show to play. They end up taking a gig at a little white power place out in the middle of nowhere. They play their set and things quickly go downhill. This is you kind of classic survival horror film. They are thrust into this kind of us or them situation that only breeds death and violence. The gore was spot on, the story was pretty good, and the acting was phenomenal. I think the overall concept was a little lacking. I would have loved to know more about the white power guys, I would have liked to see a little bit more story. Some of the film felt rushed while other parts felt overly slow.

I’m excited about the director and writer of this film. I hope he gets the chance to make more movies. There is a ton of promise there, and frankly, it would be a shame if he didn’t get the opportunity. With so many studios doing remakes of films instead of trying to find new ideas in horror its great to see someone out there taking a risk. Especially when it works.

This movie is good, and well worth the cost of rental. You can pick up your copy here. Amazon Video

On the other side of things, I was trying to clean out some of my iffy movies in my Netflix queue. After watching golf, I decided to get on the PS4 and play a little PGA Tour Golf. I turned on a movie called Forever while playing a few rounds. Unfortunately for this film and it’s star Deborah Ann Wolf this movie is not so good. Persoanlly, if you can avoid it, do it. If someone tells you it’s good their lying. Don’t fall into the trap. I suffered through the whole ting only because I had my game going and I really really wanted something else to happen to make it good. It just never did. Such is life when you like horror films…