Just wanted to drop a quick update on the book. It’s with the editor as we speak. She’s working hard to fix the multitude of mistakes I dump into her lap every time that I put out a book. I spent a little bit more time cleaning this book up so hopefully that pays off with a cleaner edit. It might still come back in time for me to get the book out this month, but if not expect a very early August release. The goal is still to get the next three books out in the next three months, so expect an August September October launch schedule for the Ascendancy Legacy Series.

My wife read Demon Stone to help me clean up some of the text, and she told me it was the best thing I have ever written. I feel like as I continue to push myself as an author, I’ll continue to make strides not only in my craft but in the stories that I bring you.

On that note, I have a couple of small announcements. After the sixth book in the Ascendancy Legacy Series is released, I’ll be taking a small break from the world of the Ascendancy to focus on a few other projects. Fear not, Jackson and the crew aren’t going away, but as their battle against the demons wraps up they will be heading in a new directions for books 7- and beyond. I have a few ideas floating around for them, and I think it will be fun to bring them together on a new mission.

While I’m sorting that out, I will have two new series of full-length books coming out. A science fiction series, The Galactic Outlaws and another Urban Fantasy series yet to be named. It’s an exciting time for me as an author, and hopefully you enjoy following along with me. I’m planning on having the first three books in the science fiction series out this year along with the first book in the new urban fantasy series. Then we will see where life takes us from there.

It’s going to be a lot of writing, a little bit of stress, and a whole lot of good times until December. I’m heading back into my cave now. I’ve got another book to write.